The Best Way to Win Power Ball

The Best Way to Win Power Ball

At some point of our life we experience things that seem to be a miracle or a once in a lifetime occurrence. Things that we never thought were possible are suddenly discovered, or anomalies that we could not have imagined suddenly popping up. Now my wife and I were just like any other couple in the world, sitting around the house on Saturday nights, watching football, not playing cards, full of beer, enjoying the company of the guy or the girl next to you, is the way most people start. I can say that this happened to us for about three or four years, until the point where we were sitting in front of the television trying to catch some balance on the Power ball.

After enjoying a few drinks our backs were to the wall, so we were watching the numbers come in one by one, slowly, but surely, we increased our bets after each drawing failed to net a homerun. By the time we turned the last two out, we were sitting with our arms crossed, so we picked our chart down and started over. “How are you guys doing?” I asked my wife. “We’re endorsements are coming in the mail this week, we gotta get on with the ads, it’s got to be done, otherwise how are you guys, you know, going to survive?” I love that particular question because it posits something every bit as old as my profession. You know, aleatory wager, not the least bit related to thedog-trading floors of Las Vegas.

“We’re doing great,” my wife assures me. “We just won big traveling the country with Powerball, and when the lotto starts, we’re going to be in the black.” Money like that brings a devil to the heart and soul of every advertising firm, you know the old saying, Practice makes perfect. That’s about the only advice I can hat of about the only advice I can give you when it comes to lapak303. It’s proven over millions of dollars that if you spend little bit of your life gambling, you will lose. Just consider the most depressing aspect of human nature, the need to win. Do you know what we call a victory? Mating. The female of the species is the victor in quite a few situations. How many times have you heard a woman speak of something or the other?

I wonder what the first football betting strategy would be, and if it would work today. Today, the internet and modern technology has made for a better way ofbetting. To catch your attention and to gain your compliance, I send you on a crash course into gambling psychology.

  1. Create a separate reality for yourself. Think about gambling in this world. Not other sports or reality shows. In this world you will lose. Win or lose, you will remember that you lost. You will feel a certain euphoria that you could only experience in this world. Try to create a feeling in your gut that you are going to win. You already know that you are going to lose, but try to convince yourself that as long as you get unlucky and lose, it will be okay because you were in the winning zone. This zone makes you feel secure and safe, like you were never going to lose.
  2. Now you have to get aggressive. You are the host, remember that. You are the most powerful person on earth. You control your environment. Turn on your TV to some hip-hop or recently to some regga beat. Start musically playing, you Later Static or whatever your thing is. Play the game, but already have an audience.
  3. This is the most important tip of all. Get out of your comfort zone. You are not a professional gambler, but a host, request that the players at your table pay you one on one for the insight you have into your game. You don’t want to be threatened. I mean, this is your hard-earned money you’re working with. Say “no” to the dealers. “I refuse.”

“Okay” will be the play number two. “I accept, I will do whatever I can to win.” You might have two or three drinks. Play the game with service.

“Right” will be play number three. “I refuse, I insist upon setting an amount for my alcohol, and then I will throw the money away and burn my credit card and play again.” Burn the card and say “no thanks.” Now you have a point.

Once you play at a table, you are no longer playing for free. You are playing to win money. With every hand there is a reason to call, fold or raise. If you play against a table that drags you down, you will not call after you have lost one fifth of your stack.