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You have spent quite a number of dollars in getting to this place. You have journeyed in many states and gained experiences in playing systems. This is the point in your journey where you should learn that there is better money to be made at home with a good computer and a good strategy. This is the place that you should enroll your child in for the learn how to play craps. This is the best way to teach your child the adage, “You have to roll the dice with two hands.”

Third, you have realized that craps is not what you thought it was. When you handed your child over the dice, you rage at the mess you have witnessed. In that moment, you are learning that there is more to craps than what you first played with. When you learn that lesson, you are equipped to take your chances with the dice, learn when to hold and when to fold. Compete with an opponent and he will learn the same thing.

First, you cannot hope to have a good time unless there is money in the machine. The easiest way to make this happen is to have your friends over and play the pass line. This teaches the game to your friend as well as teaches the consequences of losing and winning. It is possible to lose and it can be easier to win with friends than alone. In this way, you can quite easily have the money that you need to venture into gambling.

Second, you are not recognizing the graphics as the way to play the game. The reality is that you are not competing with other players. The only person that wins is the casino. The casino controls the game and a portion of the money that is bet. Reality is, your competition will not win every hand. If your opponent is smart, he will table his bet at a low level to attract looked upon to lose.

In the sophie version of the game, look for blanks on the come out roll. Poke a hole in the newest roller ball there is. If you pass, you lose. If you do not pass, you win. It is the only way to win. The casinos want your money, but there are strategies. If you play the pass line, look for the casino where there are fewer players. The smaller the number of players, the less you have to share with. How to win at craps? There is only one way to answer that question. You have to acquisition the knowledge, the strategy, and the system to win at craps. The learned how to play craps, you acquired the strategy. Now it is time to master the strategy. Hold the hand, count how many rolls are left, and play the pass line. If you are at all a novice, do this at the lowest chip allowed on the table. This is a very basic strategy, but it will hardly change. Only your success will change.