Getting the 1 Million Pound Prize on 3WoW Scratch Card

Getting the 1 Million Pound Prize on 3WoW Scratch Card

3WoW scratchcard has finally made it to my life. It has been a long journey, filled with many strange coincidences and astonishing jackpots. I could never have imagined that I would one day have an internet-enabled smart phone, I should’ve started playing donkey and martingale games at a very early age! However I always forget and I always head straight towards the great game of scratchcard.

Recently I won a £1,000 prize on board scratch card game from JayaPoker. I was so excited and nervous. I couldn’t deposit my winnings straight away as I needed to verify the scratch card’s authenticity and when I bought the $99.95 ticket online the first thing I see is the Scratch2Cash screen flashing on the screen beside the game’s title.

I flipped it over and realized I had won the top prize of 10,000 featured progressions. I immediately called my husband who was waiting outside to pick me up. When I drove to pick up my new scratch card he was so excited and wanted to drive the length of the state to claim his winnings. All I wanted was to play the Scratch2Cash scratch game and stop all the uncertainty and doubt in front of my poor deflated self.

I opened the door, stepped out, and realized it was 5 minutes away from my house. I went back in and turned the key in the door. To my utter surprise the room was instantly empty and there was no deposit bonus in it! I had won the top prize on the scratch ticket, $1,000. My mind was just blown and I had no idea how I won. I have been single handed all my life and never had a penny to myself. This is the exact reason why I decided to write this article. I hope you can use the same techniques I used and reverse my fortune at the scratch cards lottery.

There are many ways to gain an advantage over the scratch card tickets companies. Most of them involve research of the ticket buyers for cheap tickets, and once a person finds a way to cash in on these tickets, the companies lose their advantage. Some of these ways take patience and time. If you know a way that beats the odds, don’t pass up the chance to use an online strategy that takes time to place bets, otherwise you’re just giving the companies their money back.

A person could purchase a combo card for say 200,000 times the odds of winning the scratch off. In the long run the laws of probability dictate that person will lose the vast majority of these bets. Let’s say person A wins the first time. He could then lose 5,000 times the odds of winning the second time, and then win the first time. The law of probability is the only thing that allows a person to win on a regular basis when betting on scratchers.

Avoiding the thrills of scratching off 8,000 lottery tickets

Many people love scratching off the lottery ticket but the odds of winning are extremely slim. The odds of winning the top prize of 1 million+ payout on scratch off tickets are about 1 in 136 million! Trying to win upwards of a million dollars starts to make you understand the difficulty of winning in this game of chance.

Since the odds are highly against winning, the smart way to play is to save yourself the trouble and buy in the $1 lottery pool. Doing this will greatly increase your chances of winning and it won’t cost you as much money as purchasing your own tickets. This is the smart way to play and it will help you earn some extra spending money, so that you can play again.

In order to make $25.00 from each $1.00 spent, you will need to hit a ratio of 3:1. This means that for every $1.00 spent, you will earn $3.00 and will have 25 cents left. This left over will become the new money that you will use to play. This simple method will bring in extra money and will never leave you broke.

In this ratio, whatever the winning scratch off ticket is, you will always have at least $4.00 left at the end of the game. This leaves you a bit of extra money that you could use, and this is what we all want in our lives. So the secret to winning the scratchers lottery is not just about strategies of the game, but is to find a way to stay focused and motivated. If you want to win, stay motivated, and understand that you have a purpose in life that is not only monetary.